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Epic Training Practice

Brookmeade Healthcare has been involved in numerous Epic Projects in a number of capacities. These opportunities have taught us that the end game is not just Implementation, the ultimate goal is ongoing adoption throughout your organization. Proficient end-users are one of the keys to achieving and sustaining this goal, and Brookmeade Healthcare possesses the knowledge and the resources to help you attain this goal. So how can we help you?

We work closely with you from early in your Epic Engagement to generate your checklist of action items and to follow them through to completion. This checklist includes:
  • Developing a customized Training Plan to serve as your guide through the Epic training maze
  • Creating a Training Resource Plan that identifies the training roles that will need to be filled
  • Coupled with your Training Project Plan, we help you fill those roles with the right people at the right time
  • Developing a comprehensive Communications Plan that not only emphasizes the importance of training throughout your organization, but communicates the “when’s and the where’s”
  • Customizing Epic Model training curriculum to your specific roles and work-flows
  • Developing the Training Environment Build that tracks with your curriculum
  • Helping you utilize your LMS to schedule classes, take assessments, and track attendance and assessment scores.
  • Generating a Facilities Plan that helps determine classroom, computer, and access needs based on your number of roles and users
  • We can also provide classroom training facilities for your organization through a partnership with Knowledge Development Centers, at over 800 locations nationwide, with facilities convenient to you.

In the end, our goal is to teach your healthcare professionals how to do their job in Epic as effectively and efficiently as is possible. Starting on Day One, Brookmeade Healthcare professionals work with your team to put the processes in place that allow your professionals to continuously improve their skills, while always striving for complete adoption of the Epic system throughout your organization.



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