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October 1st 2015 will be here before we know it. The majority of Healthcare Systems are
dealing with Implementations, Upgrades, or any number of other projects that are consuming
time and resources. ICD-10 is yet another initiative that is critical to the financial stability of
your organization. Brookmeade Healthcare has the resources and project expertise to assist
you with all phases of your ICD-10 project.

ICD-10 Phases:

Phase 1: Project Governance, Strategy Development, and Resource Allocation
Phase 2: Design and Workflow Decisions
Phase 3: System Build for ICD-10
Phase 4: Testing and Training
Phase 5: Post Live Monitoring, Stabilization, and Optimization

Challenges: How do we get there? Planning and Assessment is the first critical step to a
successful ICD-10 project. If you have not properly assessed where your gaps will be within
your Billing, Clinical, and Reporting Master files, it will be impossible to achieve your Health
System’s financial goals. Once the Plan has been developed, and gaps identified, the process
can begin.

Training is obviously the most resource-intensive portion of this initiative. No one will be able
to commit 69,000 codes to memory. The key is to teach what is most frequently used within
a given department or clinic.

Solution: Brookmeade Healthcare has all your solutions for these challenges. Our highly
trained staff will provide any level of assistance you need for planning, assessment, and
implementation of ICD-10. Once those phases are completed, our training staff will then
share their expertise with your staff to guarantee a smooth transition.

Not only is our staff highly trained and professional, but our company culture is rooted in our
value system. At a time when so many companies are jumping into the Healthcare industry to
capitalize on all of the initiatives that are overwhelming the Provider market, we have stayed
true to who we are. We have always focused on employee growth, client partnership, and a
strong delivery model. At a time of chaos these three pillars ensure success for any project.

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